penning down reality creates a conflict
from strict lines to an offensive gesture
that i may pass inconspicuously
and i may forget to put a warning before
that may trigger the wounds of the weak
or the weaker
thats what she taught me about those
who stood up once fell, and limped
but never faltered
and continued to stand
as skin cracked and color wept out
tearing a monotonous reality
a reality
which turned out to be
just another caress of misanthropy
i suppose that is what a label
an urge to defame and fabricate a fable
of never ending misery
caked in the petulance of the wise, the privileged,
in desolation
conscience on a drug and minds on a probation

i might pass some comments here and there
your fault to take offense
you should be used to comments
you should be used to the reality afforded by you

dont reprimand me for my words

you live in society and demand equality
coax words to make our privilege be your right?
you claim, what an irony
you elected your leader, what hypocrisy
gave him the money it is your fault
for how you are
dont blame ‘society’

we are not all the same
some kicked you, gave you the cracks, snatched your support, and punctured your lungs
i agree
but i didn’t, neither did she the one who warned me
how shallow of you to generalise a community
who did nothing, but watched
and watched
and watched

dont embarass yourself further, take a step down
you’ll break your limbs
all over again
and all I’ll do
is watch, denying any fault of mine
because all of us are not the same


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